From Survive to Thrive
Kim Croft the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Want to be a Non-Smoker? Hypnosis & On-Line Support

I lost my father to lung cancer in 1999, he had been a life long smoker. I am also a former smoker (several decades ago). I know how it feels, understanding the health risks and wanting to quit…wanting to quit and worrying it will be difficult. I am very passionate

Are there Scientific Studies Showing Hypnotherapy Works?

Recently a statement was made to the media in Florida that there is no science backing up the validity of hypnotherapy (not quoted directly by any means). If this interests you I invite you to my website page: “How Does It Work?” ┬áHere I present a very brief elementary summary

What Next? October Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer awareness month in the United States. The push is on education and awareness…and breast cancer screening. The screenings (aka mammogram) are important. In fact, my radiologist said I was the “poster child for annual mammograms” because if he had┬ánot seen the previous year’s mammogram and just

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