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While most of us have experienced how much faster time moves as we get older, our emotional and spiritual selves morph even faster if we are open to the very idea that there are different ideas; open to the thought there may be valid thoughts based on thoughts not based

Want to be a Non-Smoker? Hypnosis & On-Line Support

I lost my father to lung cancer in 1999, he had been a life long smoker. I am also a former smoker (several decades ago). I know how it feels, understanding the health risks and wanting to quit…wanting to quit and worrying it will be difficult. I am very passionate

Transitions, Good and Bad

The one constant in life is continual change. Some we can plan for, some we can not. Some anticipated transitions are exciting such as a new promotion or upcoming nuptials; some are as a result of a dark period in our life, or unpleasant events. During these periods it can

Perspective: How Long is Forever?

Perspective: Forever and unlimited are much more ambiguous terms than we realize. To some they may be a light shining in the dark, providing hope to those who are used to Never. But don’t become too comfortable with the thought that Forever means until the end of time, or even

Are there Scientific Studies Showing Hypnotherapy Works?

Recently a statement was made to the media in Florida that there is no science backing up the validity of hypnotherapy (not quoted directly by any means). If this interests you I invite you to my website page: “How Does It Work?”  Here I present a very brief elementary summary

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