The one constant in life is continual change. Some we can plan for, some we can not. Some anticipated transitions are exciting such as a new promotion or upcoming nuptials; some are as a result of a dark period in our life, or unpleasant events.

During these periods it can be difficult to sort our thoughts into useful workable ideas. Even fabulous transitions are stressful to us. We get stuck in a less than useful thought pattern. It can often be helpful to have someone to talk to during these periods. Not necessarily to receive advice (although seeking outside advice can be a good idea at times), but to help you find your own solutions. Solutions that work for you where you are today. An executable plan.

Consider a Professional Coach. We are trained in assistingĀ self-discovery, and areĀ solution and goal oriented. There is nothing like a game plan and a flashlight to find your way out of the dark weeds into a hopeful tomorrow!

Kim Croft, The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach, MS, MBA, CPC, CCHt

Transitional Coaching