Last Tuesday the universe reminded me it’s a good idea to have a flexible plan, even better, a flexible plan B.

This week I was really looking forward to my first Cha Cha dance class. When I arrived I discovered class had been cancelled. 

So, while I drove around Orlando locating the studio where the Salsa classes are on Friday (so I dont get lost LOL), I was able to listen to an IMDHA virtual meeting about generative change, which I would have missed in Cha Cha class.

In addition I was able to make some network connections, and get the information on the HEA meeting last weekend.

Even though the telecon ran a little over I was still able to get a little unrushed shopping done.

Not only was tonight NOT a loss, it ended up being an asset to me.

This is such a metaphor for life in general. Have a plan “B”. Don’t obsess over it, but make one so you know, in the future, if needed you’ll have one.

Kim Croft, the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach, CCHt.