Recently a statement was made to the media in Florida that there is no science backing up the validity of hypnotherapy (not quoted directly by any means). If this interests you I invite you to my website page: “How Does It Work?” ┬áHere I present a very brief elementary summary of how hypnosis works in my main area of concern; accompanied by links to real scientific data and articles (at which sites you can surf until your eyes fall out reviewing related studies).

Yes, there are actual scientific studies (with real control groups and data) showing hypnosis works in clinical therapeutic settings regarding stress, pain, and actual increased immune response. Especially when related to cancer patients.

May require a referral or supervision by a licensed health care practitioner. Must be practiced by a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist from a licensed school WITH the appropriate certifications. Also, not all certification organizations are the same (you can find the required qualifications from the organizations that certify me – see Kim’s Story page at the bottom for links)

For more information about hypnotherapy I invite you to explore this web-site:

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Kim Croft, MS, MBA, CCHt