October is Breast Cancer awareness month in the United States. The push is on education and awareness…and breast cancer screening. The screenings (aka mammogram) are important. In fact, my radiologist said I was the “poster child for annual mammograms” because if he had not seen the previous year’s mammogram and just saw the most recent report he would not have really noticed anything. A biopsy brought the most conclusive results.

To go one step further, that mammogram, sonogram, and biopsy showed possible encroachment in a small area of the left breast (lower quarter). The post surgery pathology report showed it was actually more extensive and aggressive than originally thought.

I am so grateful – and more grateful that I am able to reach out to others on this journey.

My problem with Breast Cancer Awareness month is this – get screened, yes…but what do you do when you receive the unexpected report? How does that patient cope with all the new information, questions, options, and decisions while experiencing stress and emotional shock? In fact, everyone in their personal circle will be in emotional distress.

Is there anyone who has been there who can help? Not with the medical side, not even just the emotional side…what about the human side? the human ecology side?

There is now.

Kim Croft, the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach, CCHt
Orlando, FL 352-449-9485