From Survive to Thrive
Kim Croft the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Kim Croft, the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach, MS, BCC, CPC, CCHt.

As a thriving breast cancer survivor I am excited about the tools I developed which enabled me to conquer my breast cancer diagnosis, bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and nail my recovery. My passion is sharing those tools with others for a gentler breast cancer recovery journey.

I invite you to read my story.

Kim’s Story

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Client Testimonials

  • Working with Kim was an absolute pleasure. She operates under the assumption that deep down, you already know what’s best for you — and she helped me sort through my ego and external motivators (income, approval, etc.) to find out what I truly wanted. She uses an honest, genuine, and caring approach, and shifts the conversation depending on what you need to work through. I’d 100% recommend her. Thanks again, Kim! Kayla

    “Helped me to find what I truly wanted”,

  • Coaching for the heart and mind. Kim has an excellent manner of getting through the quagmire of muddled thinkings or feelings and assisting clients to calmly, logically and simply make their decisions. She works with some of the toughest life-death situations, but she is adaptable to regular challenges we face in determining the pros and cons of career and business choices. I really appreciate Kim's ability to assess the time required to get tasks done as this helped made decisions on the appropriate amount of time required to move forward with timelines without over burdening the person. April 12 Angela A 5 star

    Coaching for the heart and mind ~,

  • Kim Croft is remarkable. I was having a difficult time transitioning into a new phase of my life and Kim was there for me through out. She helped me identify my strengths and talents and gracefully walked me through this transition. Kim is experienced, well spoken, and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for real results with a thoughtful caring touch! April 14, 2016 Karen W 5 star


  • I  really enjoyed my experiences of being coached by Kim. She is kind, warm and has a sunny voice. I felt very listened to, which I know is the most important things having a Coach. Kim had a way of seeing right through my expressed emotions and reflecting this back to me. She allowed me to a space to make sense, so it was like adding gentle layers to see my bigger thoughts. I know this because she helped me to make connections to my thoughts, which at first I didn't see were all linked together. In my experience, I didn't see Kim as focused on goal setting although I appreciate the value in setting goals. The homework she sets is clearly around the "thing" we really want and want to grow into. What was more important to me is seeing how my thoughts were played out in the past or present and it was then I could make sense of what I could do to move things foward, which is setting the goal for myself. That's how I moved forward without Kim saying "right we are going to set some goals now" I believe Kim has helped me to see my readiness to change, which I would say separated from me for a moment like a great dear friend. Hmm I don't think it actually went away! I would love to connect with Kim again in the very near future. I am very grateful for her showing up at this time in my journey. I will always remember our sessions together. Thank you Kim. Miriam

    It was then I could make sense of…,


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